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Historical Background:

The recorded history unfolds the deep-rootedness and precedence of Sudan›s civilization over many other civilizations in the ancient world. In the past, Sudan went through different historical periods, where it appeared as an important power, namely during the era of the old Kush, Napata and Meroe kingdoms. Several thousands of years ago, the kingdom of Meroe knew iron smelting and usage of iron. Afterward, emerged the kingdom of Sinnar which utilized the iron for shielding and armoring. Succeeded by Al Mahdia State, which could manufacture gunpowder and ammunitions, and used for the first time the firearms which they captured during the fights against the colonial forces.

Since then, thoughtful attempts were undertaken to manufacture and produce arms and ammunitions. Hence, the reign of former president Ibrahim Abboud (1958-1964) witnessed the first-fruit of the modern defense industry in Sudan. In 1960, as a result, Al Shaggara Ammunition plant was opened to produce small arms ammunitions. Furthermore, there were serious efforts conducted to develop this nascent industry under the Military Economic Institution during the rule of Marshal Gafaar Nimeiry (1969 -1985).