About MIC

Establishment and Development

Following the National Salvation Revolution Government›s accession to power; it sought diligently to meet the defensive needs of the homeland; looking to safeguard its national sovereignty. Therefore it established the Military Industry Corporation (MIC) in 1993, whose establishment was considered as the real kickof for the defense industry in Sudan.

MIC has started genuine effrts aimed at supporting and capacitating the Armed Forces and the other regular forces. In addition to providing indispensable solutions to the Armed Forces in order to face challenges and to develop their capabilities to assume effctively their task.

Scope of Work

  1. Ammunition.
  2. Weapons.
  3. Armored vehicles.
  4. Production rocket artilleries.
  5. Production of explosives and propellers.
  6. Gear, outfis and equipment.
  7. Aeronautic Industry.
  8. Marine Industry.
  9. Mining works.
  10. Electronic Industries.
  11. Metallurgic industries.
  12. Automative Industry.
  13. Agricultural equipment.

Capabilities and Potentialities

  1. Profiient and skilled human resources
  2. Advanced Engineering & Industrialization capabilities
  3. Advanced integrated maintenance and research centers.Test laboratories.