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Technical Specifications :

Body Specifications:
Pay load 6o ton
Deck dimension 3500x8000 mm
Neck dimension 2500x3000 mm
Ramp dimension 3500x1100 mm with two mechanical ladder ramp
Overall dimension 3500x12000 mm
Deck height 1100mm
King bin height 1645 mm
King bin 2.5 or 3.5 inch bolted type
General description Semi – trailer heavy duty, suitable for loading heavy equipment, ground mover , military equipment etc…
Main chassis Made of special steel welding plate of 25mm flange thickness and 16mm web thickness reinforced by hard enough cross member
Deck platform The deck platform cover with 6mm checker plate and equipped by suitable stack
Accessories Spare tire holder
  Empty Tool box
  Special platform located on the neck to keep all required tools and other accessories
Axles Three axles single tire
Disc wheels & tires 6+ 1spare disc type 15.5 R20
Braking system Air actuated in two line with the truck and air tank of 80 liters
Suspension system Heavy duty mechanical suspension with adjusting arms and multi leaf springs
Landing gears Two landing gears with static load of 60 ton and dynamic load of 25 tons
Electrical system 24 DC volts 6 pole connection 4 side lamp 2 dimensions rear lamp
Painting Primary coating as internal after preparing and treatment Two layer of final coating color as required.