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Multi Rocket Launcher System Carrier

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Taka 107mm rocket launcher is used to wipe out and suppress enemy concentrated effective strength and unarmoured construction. It is also known for destroying the manpower of the enemy in open or in field type shelters and fire weapons artillery, guns, launchers, and machine- guns.

Weapon Technical Specifications :
Caliber 107 mm
Max. range 8500 m
Elevation 0° to 60°
Azimuth - 15° to +15°
Total weight MRL 384 Kg
Total weight in traveling mode 611 Kg
Firing Rate 12 round / 6 sec
Vehicle Technical Specifications :
Length 5,400 mm
Width 2,180 mm
Height (Cabin) 2,500 mm
Curb Weight 3,150 kg
Payload (off-road) 1,250 kg
Max. Power 139 HP@2900 rpm
Max. torque 373 N.m @1600 rpm
Max. Speed 104 km/h
Max. Gradeability 60%
Min. Turning radius 8.12 m
Cruising Range 800 Km