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AMIR - 1 Reconnaissance Vehicle DBA01

Product Description

AMIR - 1 Reconnaissance Vehicle DBA01


Confiuration 4x4
Combat Weight 7500 Kg
Unloaded Weight 6500 Kg
Crew 2+8


MAN DO 824 LFL09
Max Road Speed 95 Km/hr Diesel, Watercooled, 4 Cylinder
Fording 80Cm Max Power 155 hp At 2400 rpm
Gradiant 65% Max Torque 580N.m At 1500 rpm

Main Armament

12.7mm automatic Gun
(Diffrent Weapon Systems In TheCupola can be installed)


Overall Length 6067mm
Overall Height (to hull top) 2432mm
Overall Width 2405 mm
Wheel Base 2910 mm
Track 1900 mm
Turning Radius 7500mm
Angle Of Approach 42°
Angle Of Departure 31°

Max Road Speed

95 Km/hr
Fording 80cm
Gradient 65%
Transmission ZF-6S-850 (6+1)
Steering Hydraulic ZF 8095
Suspension Parabolic Leaf Spring With Hydraulic Shock Absorber
Electric Sys 24 V
Armour Type Armoured steel & armoured glass protection against 7.62 mm
Tyres 12.5R20

Specifi Equipment

Central Inflting System
Run Flat System
Diffrential lock
Air Condition System

Option Equipment

Ceramic-Composite Layer
To Protection Against 12.7mm Up to 14.5 mm
Smoke Discharger
N.B.C system


It can be used for internal security missions and special operations

Radio System

Type Motorola GM340
Distance Range Max 5Km