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Main Battle Tank Main Battle Tank T55-SH2

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Main Battle Tank Main Battle Tank T55-SH2


Combat weight 37ton
Crew 4
Cruising Range 350km
Power to weight ratio 19.7 hp/ton
General Pressure 87kPa

Power Pack

Power 730 hp
Cooling Water cooled
Fuel Diesel
Transmission Fixed - shaft type
Turning Skid
Final Drive Planetary Type


Main Gun 105 mm. Smooth bore


Main Gun 45
AAMG 500
Co-Axial MG 2500
Grenades 20


Length (gun forward position) 9.973 m
Width 3.390 m
Height 2.400 m


Type Image Stabmzed Fire Control System with LRF ballistic computer and auto sensors
Optics LASER Protected
Firing Capacity S-S, S-M
NVD'S Image intensifir slehtino system


Add on Armour Composite ( Frontal Arc)
Explosive Reactive armou installed
Fire Extinguishing & Explosion Suppression Yes
Smoke discharge System Yes

Running Gear

Tracks Steel


Type Shock Absorber & Torsion bars Rubber padded
Bump Stop Rubber padded


Max speed 57 km/hr
T ranch Crossing 2.7 m
Obstacle Crossing 0.8m
Gradient 60%
Side Slope 30%
Ammunition type APESDS. HEAT, HE
Separately loaded
Co-axial MG 7.62 X 54 mm
AAMG 12.7mm


Type NdYAG
Range 200 - 5000 m

Radio System

Type 889 T
Freguency Range 20 - 49.975 MHZ
Distance Range 20 - 25Km