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Main Battle Tank Main Battle Tank T85-SH

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Main Battle Tank Main Battle Tank T85-SH

Combat weight 41 ton
Crew 3 persons
Cruising Range 350 km
Power to weight ratio 17.8 hp/ton
General Pressure 0.8 kg/cm2

Power 730 hp
Fuel Diesel

Max speed 57 km/hr
Trench Crossing 2.5 m
Obstacle Crossing 0.7 m
Gradient/ Side Slope 60% / 30%


Main Gun 125 mm. Smooth bore
Ammunition type APFSDS. HEAT, HE
Separately loaded
Co-axial MG 7.62 X 54 mm
AA MG 12.7 X 108 mm
Grenades Canister smoke & flre


Main Gun 40
AA MG 500
Co - Axial MG 2250
Grenades 12


Length gun forward position 8.8 m
Width 3.46 m
Height (top of turret) 2.3 m

Fire Control System

Type Image Stabilized with LRF ballistic computer and auto sensors
Optics LASER Protected
Firing Capacity Static to Static, Static to Moving
NVD S Image intensifir sighting system


Type Nd YAG
Range 200 ~ 5000 m


Fire Extinguishing & Explosion Suppression Thermal Smoke Screen

Radio System

Type 889 T
Distance Range 20 - 25 Km