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XX-6 missile weapon system is a single-man portable, shoulder-fired, low/ ultra-low-altitude and short-range ground-to-air missile weapon system with infrared homing guidance. It has main features of lightweight, “fire- and-forget” and good maneuverability. The combat equipment can be carried on the back during marching.

Product Description

Diameter 72mm
Length 1495mm
Weight 10.77kg
Explosives weight in warhead 0.6kg
Tube-out velocity about 30m/s
Tube-out spinning velocity about 20r/s
Flying velocity in cruise phase about 600m/s
Fuse impact fuse
Kill probability of single shot 0.7
Kill probability of single shot 0.7
Self-destruct time 16s
Max. Interception Altitude 4000m
Min. Interception Altitude 15m
Max. Interception Range 5500m
Min. Interception Range head-on attack 800m
Max. Course Shortcut 2800m
Max. Velocity of Attacked Targets: 300m/s
Max. Maneuverability of Attacked Targets 6g