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Precision Guided air Bomb

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1. BK-3 is an air -to-ground guided weapon-fire and forget for striking precision of fixed target on the ground (Airport, Radar, bridge and other strategic targets).
2. Pre programmed weapon system.
3. INS/GNSS integrated navigation system.
4. Easy installation and short time for preparation.
5. Ensure the safety of the pilot and aircraft, as It’s possible to drop it outside of enemy areas (min range 10 km to max range 80 km).
6. Operating in different weather condition.

Navigation mode: GPS/GLONASS/INS
Accuracy: CEP ≤50 m
Allowable overload carriages: 5 g
Carriers: A5, SU-24, Mig-29 and it can be customized for other carriers
Bomb weight: 270 kg
Bomb weight: 270 kg
Warhead: High Explosive
Wing span: 2.3 m after unfolding
Length of body: 2.2 m
Suspension lugs: 355.6 mm (NATO standard)
Diameter of body: 0.299 m