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This product is intend for firing light anti tank rocket RPG-7 for used primary to provide a source for intense heat to destroy equipment.

Product Description


Firing angle in degree Range (m)
0 500
5 600
10 1000
15 1200
20 1400
25 1500

Packing :
Packed in a wooden case 6Pcs + 6 charges
Dimension 210X400X780mm
Gross weight 33.26Kg
Volume 0.0788m3

Caliber 40mm
Weight of complete rocket 2.2Kg
Weight of explosive material 0.670Kg
Type of incendiary material Thermate (TH-3)
Length of rocket 925 mm
Paint of nose projectile RED
Muzzle velocity 120m/s
Muzzle velocity 120m/s
Muzzle velocity 120m/s
Max. velocity 300 m/s
Effective range of flame 1 m3
Min. range 500 m
Fuse Special
Initial charge(starter) 4BN-17
Rocket propellant charge 4BN-20
Max, pressure 250Kg f/cm2