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This product is intend for firing light anti tank rocket RPG-7 for destroying
tanks and self -propelled artillery mounts of enemy . It could be also used
for destroying the enemy›s man -power in hasty field type shelters ,and its
useful for destroying supply and storages, equipments by primary to provide
a source for intense heat .

Product Description

Packing :

Packed in a wooden case 6Pcs + 6 charges
Dimension 210X395X950mm
Gross weight 33.26Kg
Volume 0.0788m3
Caliber 40mm
Weight of complete rocket 2.46 Kg
Weight of explosive material 0.424 Kg
Length of rocke 925 mm
Paint of nose projectile RED
Muzzle velocity 20m/s
Max. velocity 300 m/s
Penetrating thickness 260mm
Flame circle 3 - 3.5m
Effective range 300m
Max .range 500m
Fuse Piezo electric
Initial charge(starter) BN-17
Rocket propellant charge 4BN-20
Max, pressure 250Kg f/cm2