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14.5×114mmAPI Cartridge Type 56

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Type 56, 58, 75,75-1 and 80, AA Machine Gun

Caliber 14.5 mm
Length 75~188(g)
Bullet weight 63.0~64.8(g)
Average muzzle velocity (+20°C) 3600 kgf/cm2
Chamber pressure (+20°C) 832 m/sec
Armor-piercing rate 20 cm (LxW)
Incendiary rate Brass Cu 70
Operation temperature -45“C~+50°C
Storage temperature 5°C~ 25›C
Bullet Lead Jacketed with gilding metal
Primer Non-corrosive Berdun type


47 rounds/iron box, 94 rounds/wooden case, 469x 342 x 151 (mm), 23 kg/wooden case