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Introduction : Mine detector simulator aims to train soldiers to detecting mine by using deferent ways that reduces risks and keeps soldier’s life with low costs.

Product Description

Features of the system:
1. Provide safe and good training mechanism.
2. Possibility to control the trainee evaluation accuracy and extract reports.
3. Confidential .
4. Easy to use.
5. Reducing training costs.
6. Development and modification capability to the different military applications.
7. Accessories, maintenance, installation and training are available on request.
8. Reducing losses.
9. Increasing the trainees efficiency without going out of the camp.
10. Prepare mine fields for training by using software which decrease time, effort and cost.
1. Gaining data form the determiner to simulating them in computer program.
2. Making vibration in case of mistake and run over mine.
3. Contact the other circles to specify their locations by using modern techniques with 10cm percentage of mistake.
4. Design scenarios and monitoring the training process. 5. Data movement.
6. Simulating environment sounds.