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Thissimulatorisintendedforinitialandadvancedpilottraining, basedmainlyonasimulating program that artificially simulates the aircraft flight and the external environment in which it flies, and simulates enemy and friendly targets. With a combined control system and RADAR, that similar to realistic environment of integrated RADAR systems. It controls setting of training plans, by an instructor. The system translates these plans into realistic targets in the simulator. Then, the trainee system directs the fighters to intercept enemy warplanes.

Product Description

Components of the simulator:
• Operating system
• Training system
• Power supply system
Specifications and Characteristics
1. Training on basic navigational instructions
2. Advanced training on navigational instructions and how to engage in different attacks by warplanes.
3. Training on tracking maneuvering target and non-maneuvering target.
4. Minimizing costs and time of training on a realistic control system.
5. Easily and swiftly assimilated by the trainees, how to deal with sensitive control systems.
6. Training to deal with emergency cases if any,
7. Reducing the trainer efforts in teaching trainees and communicating information.
8. Possibility of training at any time.
Additional specifications
1. Training
2. After-sales services
3. Maintenance
4. Continuous improvement and modernization
5. R&D