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This simulator is devised to train the air defense personnel, officers and soldiers, on how to use the anti-aircraft gun, so as to gain more knowledge, capabilities and skills to protect the homeland against the enemy aircraft, according to various scenarios, in different conditions and environments. That, the teams and personnel are highly well-trained.

Product Description

Simulator features :
1. It is designed and developed in a perfect form using 3D virtual reality.
2. It is devised according to the latest technical and scientific methods.
3. It saves time, reduces costsand training equipment depreciation.
4. In can easily simulate a realistic battleground that trainees can get familiar with theatres of war.
5. Training all the defense forces personnel; officers and soldiers
6. Training individuals to work together in harmony at the same time.
7. By using this system, we can reduce causalities and loses occur during trainingto the minimum.
8. Increases longevity of the gun and decreases ammunition consumption
9. Improves trainees’efficiency with no need to go outside the barracks.
10. It can simulate the different environmental conditions day and night.