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MIC provides provides maintenance services for operators of civil and military aircrafts. Due to the huge facilities and ample capabilities of SAFAT, we are able to carry basic maintenance

works on customer aircrafts, as of the following types:-

Antonov 12 series Mi- 8 SF-1
Antonov 24 series Mi- 17 SF-2
Antonov 26 series ST-1  
Antonov 30 series    
Antonov 32 series    

Beside undertaking base maintenance within its hangars and workshops, MIC is also giving line maintenance services to its customers in Khartoum Airport .. Adequate number of certified staffs are on the work all the day.

Maintenance Facilities

The following support shops are accommodated inside the hangars:

Airframe systems work shops

Mechanical repair shop

Engine shop (under construction)

Propeller shop

Lead Acid Battery shop

Nickel Cadmium Battery shop

Wheels and Brakes shop

Electric and instrument Laboratories

Radio and Electronic Laboratories

Ultra Sonic Cleaning shop

Plastic and Upholstery shop

NDT shop