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K8S Flight Simulator

This flight simulator realistically represents feels and visual effects that the pilot experiences under actual flight condition.

All equipment installed in the cockpit of the simulator, which have no difference from the true aircraft in function, controlling rule and information display, can provide pilot with a vivid operating environment with a control loading system which provide realistic control feel and an audio system produces various aircraft system sounds and different sounds of operating surrounding.

This simulator can provide course flight during:

  • Take-off and landing.
  • Instrument flight.
  • Maneuver flight.
  • Formation flight.
  • Day flight under complicated weather condition.
  • Night flight and tactics flight and unusual flight and training with malfunction.

All steps of training are controlled and monitored by instructor station at rear cockpit. The application of this simulator is providing the realistic circumstances for the trainees to fulfill the followings: the pre-flight check, engine start, ground taxiing, takeoff, visual and instrument flight, returning to base, approaching landing and other operations, the use of navigation, communication devices, and normal or emergency procedures under the good or bad weather condition at daytime, dusk or at night.