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Mi-17 Flight Simulator

This simulator developed for pilots teaching to control MI-17 helicopter, use all helicopters systems and apply received acknowledge on real machine. The simulator consists of pilots unit, imitation outside scene unit, instructors unit, power unit.

The complex simulator of helicopter Mi- 17 is created for preparation of flying and technical staff and provides:

Initial training for exploitation and piloting. Retraining on this type of the helicopter.

Maintain achieved professional level of training.

Restoration of skills.

Reparation as the pilot instructor.

Carrying out of checks in techniques of piloting and fighting application.

Additional training and check of exploitation regulations of the helicopter.

The complex simulator of helicopter Mi- 17 provides training of flight crews for the decision of following problems:

Preflight preparation and the control of onboard system over work places of pilot.

Preparation for start, start and approbation of engines on the ground and in air.

Taxi on RD, VPP and installation on a take –off rate.

Take off and landing in day time and night condition with visual visibility VPP.

Piloting on devices and visually in a full range of heights and speed.

Performance of figures of complex pilot age. Search, detection, recognition of the target and use of the applicable weapon.

Radio communication.

Action of pilots in special situations of flight.