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Mi-35 Flight Simulator

This simulator is intended for teaching personal to control helicopter Mi-35 and use all systems in different conditions, including combat area. Simulator consists of commanders unit, gunners unit, instructors unit, power unit.

Commanders unit includes imitator commanders working place with all corresponding devices, which disposed on the special dynamic platform. This platform provides possibility to give commanders working place tilt to any side on determined angle (pitch and roll). Gunners unit is like commanders one consist of gunner’s work place and dynamic platform. Controlling of both units provided by computers of instructors unit. The computers process information, which goes from commanders and gunners units and returns control information back. Control information is formed by instructor’s actions and mathematical account of incoming information from outside systems. Beside control information, computers forms visual information stream directed to projectors of commander and gunner units.

The visual information stream is formed by the special software and gives the possibility for pilot to see the scene all over around, targets and etc. The image appears on 6 flat screens, which fixed on corresponding units.