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SAFAT 02 (AK13-) Flight Simulator

This flight simulator is a procedures flight simulator for АК13- helicopter. And is designated for:

  1. Training, maintaining skill level and advanced training of helicopter pilots;
  2. Training maintenance and repair staff performing preflight tasks.

The flight simulator can be used for the following purposes:

  1. Training helicopters pilots;
  2. Retraining pilots of other types of aircraft;
  3. Maintaining skill level during:
    • Season training;
    • Flight skills recovery after break;
    • Certificate prolongation;

Advanced training including:

  • Classification upgrade;
  • Instructor preparation;
  • Elaborating and modeling flight tasks;
  • Practicing of helicopter pilot skills at different flight stages;
  • Modeling different training situations in standard and nonstandard conditions;
  • Testing of helicopter pilots training skills.

Also this flight simulator ensures the following flight training tasks are completed:

  1. Preflight training and on-board systems control on the helicopter pilot seat;
  2. Preparation for engine ignition, engine ignition and engine proving on land and in the air;
  3. Taxiing on taxiway, runway and take-off heading order;
  4. Take-off and landing in the daytime and nighttime under runway visibility, night start means, surrounding area terrestrial horizon;
  5. Visual flight over the full range of heights and helicopter flight speeds;
  6. Two-way radio communication;
  7. Training pilots in nonstandard flight situations.

The flight simulator ensures:

  1. Selecting flight training tasks from all preprogrammed tasks;
  2. Creating new training tasks for the individual flight and that in formation;
  3. Changing start time, route and flight conditions of the selected flight training task.

During the flight training instructor can:

  1. Interrupt and resume flight training task;
  2. Control process of flight training task by displaying a maps and route chart, location and routes of other aircraft (including current targets); monitoring control systems, flight data, engine control systems etc;
  3. Change location and flight parameters of air targets;
  4. Simulate failures of helicopter’s avionics system;
  5. Change weather conditions;
  6. Control helicopter pilot.