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MIG-29SE Flight Simulator

The part-task combat flight simulator for MiG-29SE aircraft is designed for pilots training in set of operation relating to conducting flights and combat operations according to MiG-29SE aircraft Flight Manual.

The part-task combat flight simulator for MiG-29SE aircraft is intended for:-

Studying and mastering of the flight operation within the whole range of this aircraft type flight performance any time day and night under different weather conditions;

Training and maintaining professional skills of the flight personnel and assessment of the pilots readiness to solve the set of tasks related to the aircraft combat operation;

Developing formation flying when performing tactical procedures of air combat and operating against ground targets flying in pair,

List of tasks solved by the MIG-29SE simulator.

Flight modes simulation

The visual outside world simulation

Combat operation modes simulation

Training process control

The simulator is a fixed aircraft cockpit simulator located in the center of screen complex of the outside world visualization system. The simulator provides vibration and audio sensation simulation.