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SU-25 Flight Simulator

The Su-25 aircraft integrated simulator (KTS Su-25) purpose is as follows:

To study and master aeronautical engineering.

To train and maintain professional skills of the flight personnel.

To retrain and assess pilots readiness to solve the set of tasks related to the aircraft complex piloting, air navigation and combat operation;

To develop pilot’s actions in solo flight and flying in pair using airborne equipment in conditions of fire and electronic countermeasures within the whole range of the aircraft performance, day and night in VFR and IFR conditions.

The Su-25 aircraft cockpit mockup with the equipment corresponds to the aircraft real cockpit in pilot’s information field and the interior.

The outside world visualization system reproduces outside world image on the screen complex with video projection system consisting of three projectors.

The instructor’s station is designed to control pilot training process on the Su-25 aircraft integrated simulator. The parameters required by the instructor during simulation preparation and simulation itself are displayed on six liquid crystal monitors. Communication of the instructor with the trainee pilot is provided through voice communication using intercom headset.

The auxiliary pilot’s station makes it possible for the co-pilot to participate in the air combat simulation session as an enemy and as part of the flight in pair when developing the actions.