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Material,s Testing Laboratory

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Central Laboratory

It consists of the following sections:

  1. Mechanical lab: in which tests like (Tensile , Impact … etc.) are conducted.
    • N.D.T test facilities: like ultra-sonic service for detecting of hidden defects of the row material and products.
    • Die penetrate device for detecting of the surface defects using the liquid penetrant method.
    • Ultra sonic thickness device.
    • Hardness device (fixed and portable).
    • Roughness device.
  2. Microstructure device: a modern device for studying microstructures using a digital photo and special software for full analysis of the results.
  3. Chemical composition analysis of metals : Specific meter device for the analysis of the chemical composition of metals (steel, copper, aluminum).
  4. Measuring Lab: for measuring and calibration of the gauges, tools and devices.
  5. Oil Lab: for analysis and check of the most important properties of oils like viscosity, density, flash point and fire point.