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General specifications :

Frequency range: 30 to 87.975 MHz.
Channel spacing: 25 KHz.
Number of Channels : 2320
Frequency-hopping : 8 Tables 256 channels each.
Frequency-hopping rate: 500 hops/s.
Voice coding mode: CVSD 16 Kbps ,MELP 2.4 Kbps.
Data transmission rate: 600/1200/2400/4800/9600/19200 bps.
Preset channels: 10.
Antenna: 1 m wideband antenna.
Antenna: 2.4 m
Power supply voltage: DC 14.4V Li-battery.
208 mm×75 mm×214 mm (without battery)
208 mm×75 mm×270 mm (with battery)
Weight: 3.4kg (without battery)
4.8kg (with battery and antenna)
Operating modes:
  Fixed-frequency analog clear voice.
  Fixed-frequency digital encrypted voice
  Frequency-hopping digital clear voice.
  Frequency-hopping digital encrypted voice.
Sensitivity: ≤0.35μV (12dB SINAD)
Audio output: ≤ -25dBc.
Earphone: 50mW (600Ω)(max)
Speaker: 1W(8Ω)
Intercom: 220mV(600Ω)
Audio distortion: ≤5%
IF rejection: ≥80 dB
Image rejection: ≥70 dB.
power consumption: < 250 mA
Output power: 10W±1.5dB (high power).
5W±1.5dB (medium power).
2W (low power).
Frequency error: ≤±500Hz
Harmonic suppression: ≥40dB
Pilot frequency: 150Hz±2Hz
Modulated frequency deviation:
analog voice: 5.6±1kHz
Digital voice: 7±1KHz
Pilot frequency: 3±0.5KHz
Power consumption: <3.2A.

  • It is a man man-pack VHF transceiver, very powerful against eavesdropping, for adopting anti-eavesdropping and anti-jamming frequency hopping technique. It is characterized by voice and data encryption, thus guaranteeing high degree of security for communications.
  • Frequency range: 30 ~ 87.975 megahertz
  • Transmission power: 10 watt
  • Encryption: using digital encryption logarithm, AES 128bit, the key automatically can be changes during communication at a very high speed.
  • Frequency hopping: 500 hop/second in all the range, 10 tables of hops and 256 frequencies for each table.
  • Data transmission: a built-in modem designed to receive and transmit files, SMS and images, through a direct connection to a PC within a transmission rate of 19.2 kbps.
  • SMS: It enables users to edit, send and display SMS with no need to use the computer.
  • Channels: It supports 128 networks and 100 terminals for each network.
  • It is compatible with STR-2300 and STR-2100 transceivers.
  • Light weight and easy to use.