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Technical specifications :

Frequency range: 30 to 87.975MHz
Channel spacing: 25kHz
Channel number: 2320O
Operating Mode:
  Fixed-frequency analog clear voice
  Fixed-frequency digital secure voice
  Frequency-hopping digital clear/secure voice
  Fixed-frequency data transmission
  Frequency-hopping data transmission
Presetting channel number: 10
Antenna: 2.4m vehicle-borne broadband center-feeding antenna
Antenna: 1.2m vehicle -borne antenna
Power supply voltage: DC 26V (rated),
allowed variation range: 22 to 30V
Dimensions: 278 mm×335 mm×225mm
Weight: 18kg
Receiver specifications
Rx sensitivity: ≤0.35μV(SINAD)=10dB)
Audio output: Earphone: 50mW (600Ω)(max)
Speaker: 1W (8Ω)
Intercom: 220mV (600Ω)
Audio distortion: ≤5%
Audio response: Variation relative to 1kHz is less than 6dB in the frequency range of 300 to 3000Hz
IF rejection: ≥80dB
Image rejection: ≥70dB
Transmitter specifications
Modulated frequency offset: for analog voice: 5.61±KHz for digital voice: 71±KHz Pilot frequency offset: 31±KHz Pilot frequency: 1502±Hz
Tx power: 50W±1.5dB (high power)
  10W±1.5dB (medium power)
  ≥1W (low power)
Frequency error: ≤±500Hz
Frequency stability: ≤±3×10-6

  • It is a transceiver of STR-2200 type supplied with 50W power amplifier along with power supply source, used for fixed stations or mounted on vehicle. It is characterized by voice and data encryption, thus guaranteeing high degree of security for communications.
  • Frequency range: 30 ~ 87.975 megahertz
  • Transmission power: 50 watt
  • Encryption: using digital encryption logarithm, AES 128bit, the key automatically can be changes during communication at a very high speed.
  • Frequency hopping: 500 hop/second in all the range, 10 table/hops and 256 frequencies for each table.
  • Data transmission: a built-in modem designed to receive and transmit files, SMS and images, through a direct connection to a PC within a transmission rate of 19.2 kbps.
  • SMS: It enables users to edit, send and display SMS with no need to use the computer.
  • Channels: It supports 128 networks and 100 devices for each network.
  • It is compatible with STR-2200 and STR-2100 transceivers.
  • And easy to use.