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General specifications :

Frequency range: 1.6000 MHz ~29.9999 MHz
channel spacing: 100Hz
Frequency reliability: 1 ppm
Relative maximum frequency error: ±30Hz
Communication modes: normal mode, ALE mode.
Operation types:Analog voice; Digital voice, SMS,  
Data transmission  
Modulation modes: USB,LSB,CW
Tunning Capability of the Automatic Antenna Tuner:  
Voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) ≤ 2.
Tunning time ≤ 5s.
Power supply: Rated voltage: DC 14.4V±10%
Dimension of the Transceiver: 216 mm×76 mm×223 mm
Weight of the transceiver: < 4.5 kg.
SSB voice: < 1.0uV (12dB SINAD).
CW: < 0.5uV (at 12dB SINAD).
IF Selectivity:  
6dB bandwidth: < 2.7kHz.
40dB bandwidth: > 4kHz.
IF suppression: >80dB.
Image suppression: > 80dB.
AGC : input signal 2.5uV~25mV, audio variation < 3dB.
Audio distortion <5%  
Audio output: Voice output: > 5.6V, Rated output level:2.5V.
Power consumption: < 400mA.
Output power: 2,5 and 20W±1dB.
Inter modulation Distortion: ≤ -25dBc.
Side band suppression: >50dB.
Carrier suppression: >50dB.
Voice input level: 2mV~20mV.
Power consumption of the transmitter: < 5A.

  • STR-1200 is a HF backpack style long range transceiver designed to be used by infantry, working in high frequency range (HF), uses digital signal processing (DSP) to avoid EW situations as it adopts anti-jamming and anti-eavesdropping frequency hopping/ encryption techniques , thus, it guarantees high security of communications. In addition to using Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) methodology in order to select the best channel for communication.


  • ALE: based on (MIL-STD-188141-B)
  • Frequency range: 29, 9999 ~ 1,6 MHz
  • Power of transmission: 20watt
  • Encryption: digital encryption using AES 256bit algorithm.
  • Frequency hopping: 5. 10. 20 hop/ second, within a range reaches to 512 KHz
  • Data communication: a built-in modem designed to receive and transmit files, SMS and images, through a direct connection with a PC within a transmission rate of 2400 bps.
  • SMS: It enables to write, send and display SMS with no need to use the computer.
  • Networks: it supports 100 channels and 200 transceivers to each network.