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The main task of the launcher is to neutralize the enemy fiing points within a distance of 800 m, to destroy the exposed and hidden targets of the enemy groups within a distance of 1750 m, and destroy the enemy light armored targets

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Technical Specifications :

Caliber: 35mm

Caliber 35mm
Ammunition 35mm HE. 35 mm Heat
Muzzle velocity 190 m/s
Maximum range 1750 m
Effctive range 600 m
Method of feeding 6 or 15 round drum
Cyclic rate of fie 480 rds/min
Weight with optical and tripod 20 kg
Weight of tripod 8 kg
Weight of drum 1.3 kg (6-round, empty)
2.8 kg (6-round, loaded)
2.3 kg (15- round, empty)
6 kg (15-rounds, loaded)